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Rattan Napkin Ring Set

Set of 4 Rattan Napkin Rings Handwoven in Bali by expert artisans
$45.99 CAD $32.99 CAD

Organic Bamboo Straw Set

Set of 5 Organic Bamboo Straws Natural alternative to plastic straws Sustainably-sourced, no overfarming or waste No machinery or chemicals, made by hand Made in Bali
$21.99 CAD $14.99 CAD

Individual Salad Bowl x 4

Set of 4 individual salad bowls designed to beautifully coordinate with larger bowls and servers.
$129.99 CAD $75.99 CAD

7 Piece - Extra Large Salad Bowl with Servers and 4 Individuals

Beautiful extra large salad bowl comes complete with serving utensils and 4 matching individual salad bowls.
$199.99 CAD $159.99 CAD

Nesting textured bowls - set of 3

Set of nesting bowls in aqua, lime, and marigold. Each bowl has a unique texture engraved into the outer surface.Functional , decorative, and tactile.Dimensions:large bowl: 21.5 x 21.5 x 12...
$199.99 CAD $125.99 CAD